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Rhythm of

Sound Check

Mentoring. Life Coaching. Personal Development. We all can use a little help "finding our rhythm."

Perfect Pitch

Get in-tune with your spouse. Life is sweeter when a couple is on the same page and living the same song. 

Pre-Marital Counseling

Get your journey started off right! Prepare for a lifetime, not just a wedding day! Discover principles that will help your relationship grow stronger everyday.

Musical Chairs

Learn to navigate the seasons and dynamics of family life with an ultimate goal of creating balance and harmony. Provides safe, small group sessions aimed at helping all family members.


Rhythm of


First Responders

Ministry Team Workshop

Gain an understanding of why the chief motivation in life and key to successful ministry is in the simple and daily act of responding to God. No matter what the calling, gift or specific role is in the larger vision, there is one thing we are all required to do: first, above everything else, respond to God. This workshop will challenge ministry teams to look at what is done in ministry and why it is done.

The Leader's Symphony

Leadership Workshop

Effective and quality ministry requires a team of leaders, who all may possess various gifts, working harmoniously in support of a singular vision. In this leadership development workshop, topics such as a fresh perspective on purpose and assignment, strategies for increasing impact as a leader, understanding how to support vision and working as a team will be addressed.


Rhythm of


Vertical Productions

Musical Production, Vocal Coaching, Training Workshops, Consulting

Alvin is a Grammy nominated, multiple Dove and Stellar Award nominated songwriter and producer. As CEO of Vertical Productions, he's worked with many contemporary Christian and Gospel music artists. He is often consulting with musicians, studios, churches and businesses to establish and improve audio, video and technical production. He is passionate about developing artists and helping people hone their craft.

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